Cork screwed report
Cork oak landscapes also contribute to store carbon, reducing greenhouse gases in
the atmosphere.

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1. Defining the project.

Do you use strips or plates? It is important to consider whether to use straight or curved planks. Indeed, if you want to fit out the deck of a Sailing ship or a Trawler it is necessary, if you want to match the curves of the hull, use 47mm strips for curves . On the other hand for a cockpit, a High-speed motorboat or Motoryacht then you may consider an installation using plates, with their straight blades.

2. Calculate the surface area.

A trapezoidal or triangular shape will generate more loss than a rectangular form. It is therefore necessary to take account of this when calculating your requirements. In addition, do not forget to allow for the edges of the framework, and also to check that your choice of blade adapts to the curve of the boat. For the particular pipe fittings they will be cut out of a virgin plate. To calculate the surface to cover · add 10 to 20 % for overs. To calculate the number of strips necessary for constructing the interior and external edges. Do not forget to add 10 cm for the interior mitre on a joint as well as the external mitres for the hatches.


1 m² = approximately
11 strips 47 mm wide.


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