Cork screwed report
Cork oak landscapes also contribute to store carbon, reducing greenhouse gases in
the atmosphere.

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the tools neccessaires for the installation of the SEACORK® are very few but very useful to see essential

  • pen or soft lead pencil
  • equerre and distorts equerre
  • cutter
  • sander and/or orbital grinder
  • paper to sandpaper grain 80 and 120
  • spatula has tooth square 3 or 4 mm for joining
  • ruler 1m
  • rod of flexible wood for the tracing of curve
  • rollers of adhesive
  • a small wood board or plywood
  • Gloves disposable latexes
For caulking

methode de joint traditionnel

  • a gun has cartouche manual of good quality, tire or electric , tire or electric
  • a knife for cement
  • Gloves disposable latexes

method known as "with spread out"

  • a spatula punt width 80 to 100
  • Gloves disposable latexes
for the completion
  • a brush of good section
  • a roller for varnish
  • a vat with painting
  • adhesive of masking
  • Gloves disposable latexes

The tracing of the axis

The tracing of the axis of the boat is the only essential tracing for the realization of the bridge.

Indeed it is him which determines the good symmetry of your bridge


This chapter is intended to give you a better understanding of how to use SEACORK®



The cutting of the plates does not pose a particular problem if it is not on the gangways because space is restricted there.

The installation of the plates is started from the axis however for better a comprehension......